Finding International Tax Solutions

In today's world, our tax laws extend beyond our borders. At Randall Tandy PLLC, we will help you understand the tax implications on your goals and help you plan for the future.

Our Tax Services

Our international tax attorneys in Mesa are licensed to help individuals and businesses all over the world create a plan, protect assets and maintain their citizenship by staying compliant with the IRS.

International tax laws are complex and can cause serious financial consequences if not done properly. We provide a wide range of international tax services involving:

  • FBAR and voluntary disclosure
  • Double taxation treaties
  • International tax planning
  • Foreign corporations
  • Expat tax compliance
  • Foreign tax credits

Finding Effective Solutions

Our lawyers are committed to helping you protect your rights and your personal and professional goals. We have experience helping business owners expand into other countries, including in Latin America and Mexico. We know how to effectively protect you. We operate our own investment fund primarily in Latin America and know the importance of having tailored solutions for your fund.

We can assist with all your international tax needs. This includes expanding your business into a foreign country or helping foreign firms come to the United States. We also represent clients facing IRS penalties or other notifications that require immediate and detailed attention.

Discuss Your International Tax Needs With Us

We enjoy handling international tax issues, and we welcome you to contact us to see how we can help you. Our offices are in Mesa, Arizona, and Park City, Utah. Contact us online or call 480-442-1889 to schedule your free initial consultation. We speak Spanish.